Turning AI Market Failure into Success

AI can solve enterprises’ most pressing problems, but until now, it has been challenging to create concrete value from AI.


AI has the potential to address the most critical issues faced by enterprises, yet, until recently, extracting tangible value from AI has proven to be a formidable task.
Real-world AI presents a complex landscape, transitioning from controlled lab settings to practical applications demands substantial effort and advanced technology. Each AI challenge, scenario, and application is distinctly individual, necessitating meticulous tailoring. Moreover, the upkeep of AI solutions in operational environments can pose a formidable obstacle for businesses, an obstacle that escalates with the quantity of AI initiatives pursued.

Meet the Factonics Platform

The Factonics platform contains a full set of components, tools, AI suites and services that allow the development, deployment and ongoing operation of an Enterprise AI Solution. It represents years of accumulated knowledge, metamorphosed into software.

Meet the Factonics Technolgy

The Factonics technology enables your technical people (Data Science, DataOps, Data Engineering, Data Analysts) to rapidly develop production-ready use cases, make them available to business teams, and ensure scalability and interoperability

Data engineer

  • We offer data connectors for seamless data ingestion from over 20 sources.
  • Our algorithms deliver real-time insights directlyinto your business tools, such as CRM, ERP, and financial risk managementsystems.
  • We handle real-time operations and the management ofcomplex job scheduling and triggers.
  • All our predictive analyses are accessible through auser-friendly interface or via API.

Data scientist

  • Our R&D lab and industry experts have collaborated on reusable algorithms applicable across various use cases, including Taxonomy Management, Ontology Management, AI-driven Data Quality, Recommendation Engines, and more.
  • With our extensive experience in deploying AI algorithms, we provide a template that simplifies the work and deploy for data scientists.
  • All use cases created on the platform benefit from scalability tailored to projects during both training and inference phases.
  • We integrate open-source LLM models to simplify their creation and ensure secure reuse.

Data analyst

  • Create dashboards and actionable solutions in just minutes.
  • Build jobs and pipelines that automatically feed into your business tools.
  • Track the generated ROI for each use case.

Extensibility with Dataiku

Factonics offers versatile data connectivity, enabling the integration of numerous data sources for training and predictive purposes. It seamlessly delivers results to a wide array of business tools, facilitating efficient data-driven decision-making.

Integrations with Generative AI Services

Factonics seamlessly integrates with leading Generative AI services like OpenAI's ChatGPT and plans to expand further. Our algorithm-agnostic technology ensures consistent access to top-quality Generative AI, optimizing performance and costs for your specific business needs.

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