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“We are already seeing a time and efficiency gain at Manutan, (...) which is a promise of long-term success. Currently, we are saving an average of 1 to 2 weeks per new offer referencing file, which is 280 days per year.”

Guillaume Duval

Chief Data officer

“Givaudan’s latest olfactive social listening tool leads the industry in identifying the success of iconic and fresh new fragrances with information directly from the consumer experience. ”

Arnaud G.

Head of Global Marketing Insight

“The Factonics platform enabled a 15% increase in digital collection (personalized emails, donation grid modification). - Bigdata Expo 2022”

Vincent Crehalet

Director of Individual Giving

“The differentiating factors of Factonics are its unique methodologies and algorithms, along with their speed of execution.What has pleased us the most is the quality of the insights extracted, as well as the availability and professionalism of the team.I have already started recommending Factonics to my colleagues in other business units”

Sébastien Perichon

Group manager Sensory & Consumer

“Having an intuitive, real-time tool that encompasses all topics (taxation, economics, real estate, social networks...). Their response was clearly the most comprehensive on the points mentioned above, as well as on the approach to tool management, especially regarding the creation of specific algorithms to avoid dependence on data service providers.”

Stéphanie Clemençon

Manager B2B relation

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